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Baby Girl Walkers: What You Need to Know

Bella is a nine-month-old whirlwind. She is pulling herself up on furniture and loves to practice walking when her mom and dad hold her hands. However, her mom and dad both need to get some things done around the house. This is when they break out the baby girl walkers they got at the baby shower. Bella is excited. She loves to hear the sounds and explore the different activities on the front of the walker.

Then, she can practice pulling herself up using the walker and grips the sturdy handle to start pushing the walker across the floor. The wheels roll smoothly, allowing her to practice her walking skills even without the help and support of mom and dad’s hands.

Bella is proud to walk across the room on her own. She crows with delight. After some practice, she even turns around and walks back, all with the help of her baby walker. These toys are a valuable investment for parents, who realize that the toy provides lots of entertainment. This is true even when Bella wants to sit still in one location.

Baby walkers come in any combination of colors imaginable. They can be educational in a number of ways, allowing the baby to take a break from walking and still be learning and having fun at the same time. These walkers are usually made of sturdy plastic, so there is no concern about breaking and potentially hurting a young hand or foot. Purchase a baby walker for your little one and see her really blossom as she gets to experience walking on her own.

baby girl walkers

There are also varieties with a comfortable cloth seat if your little one is still developing leg muscles and needs a little help supporting her weight for longer periods.

Reaching Out To Potential Fans On Social Media

For any musician, it is essential that you have a good online presence in order to promote your music.  With the rise of the internet age, there is no greater tool for promoting music than social media.  Of course, this also comes with some negatives.  Because of social media, people tend to have shorter attention spans and less interest when it comes to listening to new music.  A lot of people, in fact, become a little bit annoyed at all of the aspiring musicians out there who are constantly bombarding them with music promotion, and so if you do not show them that you have something different to offer, you are likely to be ignored by the vast majority of people.

The thing is, on social media, people want to be social.  It is not enough to just post links to your YouTube or bandcamp accounts in hopes that people will actually click the links and listen to the music.  You need to actually interact with the people on your social media accounts.  If you show them that you are an actual person rather than just some bot that shamelessly self-promotes, they are far more likely to give your music a chance.  Links to your music are a great way to get it out there, but if you are offering no personality to go along with it, those links are not likely to be clicked on by your target audience.

All in all, social media is great for music promotion, but you also need to reach out to your potential listeners on a personal level.  Let them know that you consider them more than just potential fans and that, to you, they are not just a number to be added to your play count.